PBS Interview (overcoming sinusitis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia)

Dr. Dennis and I speak to PBS American Health Journal and discuss the role of mold in chronic sinusitis.  Many of us don’t just suffer from a sinus affliction alone and there is a reason for that.  I hope this helps so many of you. I love hearing from a lot of you who’s journey has mirrored mine. Keep it coming and pass on to anyone it may help!

I wrote an article called How to Recover from Toxic Mold Exposure (How Long Does it Take) and below is an excerpt from that post.

Steps to Aid in Recovery

  1. Remove yourself from the toxic environment.  The most important first step and probably the hardest. It will be almost impossible to improve if you continue to expose yourself to the toxic chemicals.
  2. Detox.  This specific detox plan posted by Mold Free Living was written by Dr. Donald Dennis, an ENT who specializes in mold related illness.  Speak to your doctor before starting any detox plan.
  3. Juice greens!  Greens are extremely anti-fungal and so is ginger, lime, and carrots to name a few.  Juicing is an easy way to get larger quantities in you fast!  There are two ways to get all of these amazing nutrients into your body.  I have both a Vitamix and a juicer.  I will do a post on the difference between the two.  A quick simplified explanation is that a juicer will remove the fiber where a blender such as a Vitamix retains the fiber.  Both are good and serve different purposes which I will explain in a future post, but the important thing is to start getting these powerful anti-fungal nutrients into your body.
  4.  Visit a functional doctor.  I wrote an article about what tests you can ask your doctor to run, click here if you would like to read it.

Additional Steps..

  1. Invest in a quality air filter to remove mold spores in the air.
  2.  Use quality anti-fungal products. There is a wonderful company called Microbalance which specializes in anti-fungal products for your home, clothes, and nose.  I personally spray my home with the EC3 Mold Solution concentrate about once per month.  They also have supplements specifically created to support the damage that can be done to the pituitary gland caused by mold.
  3. Stop eating sugar and foods high in carbohydrates It contributes to fungal overgrowth.  See my recipe section for alternatives to your favorite foods.
  4. Rinse your sinuses.  If your issue is in your sinuses, rinsing them with an anti-fungal solution such as CitriDrops can be helpful.  Rinsing the nose can help clear out pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and fungus.  I still irrigate my sinuses most days.

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Medical Disclaimer – I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  My blog does not provide official medical advice. I can not recommend any supplement or treatment plan. Information provided on this site is for educational purposes only, and does not substitute for professional medical advice.

Check with your doctor before starting any new diet or supplement. There are affiliate links in which I get a percentage on sales.  Opinions are all my own.  I do not recommend any supplement or brand I didn’t personally love and benefit from.  Consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if you are seeking medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment.  If a reader uses any of the information on this blog, or any other, they are doing so at their own risk.



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  • Me and my daughter have been chronically sick for many years she suffers from severe allergies and Asthma I have fibromyalgia and severe arthritis that is eroding my nerves in my back creating my legs to lose functioning my quality of life has gotten very bad night just continue to get worse we lived in an apartment complex that had lots of black mold in it and I am worried that this has caused us to be sick although I did have some symptoms of being sick before hand but it didn’t start to worsen until after living there for 2 years I’m losing hope though doctors have been able to help me a deteriorate and get worse day by day and 34 years old and I can’t even take care of myself and have a hard time taking care of my two-year-old in my eight year old they miss out on Life Adventure is because I can simply not take them to do it

  • Hi Sarah!

    Thanks for writing. When you leave a house or an apartment that had mold problems when you pack up and leave you are many times brining that mold with you (on your clothes/furniture/drapes etc. Buy mold plates, they are very cheap. Test your house. If more than 2 dots appear you may have an issue. Then you can get to work taking the mold count down. To do this you can buy filters, antifungals sprays you spray your house with each week, and add antifungal solution to your clothes when washing them. Thant’s your environment now your body. I am not a doctor so I cannot suggest prescriptions but what I did was started an antifungal diet (you want to starve it- see my recipes). I also took antifungals both prescription and over the counter and it took time but I DID GET BETTER. There was a time when my son was 3 or 4 I did not know if I would live to see him go to kindergarden. I am still amazed at how far my health has come…it’s possible!! I’ll keep you in my prayers. Erin

    • Erin can you tell me where you get the anti-fungal sprays and the solution you can wash your cloths in. I am hoping that this might help me. I have a severe allergy to mold and I have been dealing with many chronic illnesses for over 10 years. I like you really have wondered at times if I would be fortunate enough to watch my girls grow up to women.

  • Erin, our stories are so very similar yet I’ve not been able to get my fungal growth in control despite being on a CANDIDA diet, eating Gluten free and soy free and corn free, taking natural fungal remedies, taking care of my environment as you suggested, and many other things. I hope you’ll respond to me privately by email. I REALLY need some suggestions of where to go from here. What natural fungal remedies and prescriptive fungal medicines do you take? PLEASE email me.

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