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If you’ve heard my story on TV, you know that I estimate I’ve taken over 100 courses of antibiotics and have seen over 60 doctors and specialists, not to mention many unnecessary surgeries. If you feel you have been ignored within the halls of science and conventional medicine has neglected to make you well, you may be missing a crucial and often overlooked cause. As seen on PBS American Health Journal, Christian Television Network, Know the Cause, ABC, CBS, NBC and more…

NEW Book! – Second Edition Eat Pray Get Well ~ A Journey from Chronic Illness & Brokenness To Wholeness & Wellness.

Foreword Written by Doug Kaufmann, host of televisions “Know the Cause”.

As seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS American Health Journal, CTN, Know the Cause, Christian Television Network and more…

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Exclusive interviews with the following people below who have inspired me enormously to fight for my health and I know they will inspire you too!  We discuss everything from healing, to grounding, to heart health and emotions and even spirituality and Tommy Rosa who had a near death experience shares God’s healing tools here on earth.  Also, in Eat Pray Get Well, a mold detoxing plan by Dr. Donald Dennis, an H Pylori protocol, Dr. Tracie Leonhard’s method for putting Hashimoto’s into remission (where mine has successfully stayed).  I discuss lab tests I wish I had known to ask for in order to get a proper diagnosis when I was so ill.  Also,  50 recipes  (10 new) free of gluten, processed sugars, yeast, corn, and peanuts.


Doug Kaufmann – Television host of Know the Cause

Dr. Stephen Sinatra – renowned cardiologist and certified bioenergetic psychotherapist. We discuss the fascinating connection between our emotions and heart health as well as the healing powers of grounding and so much more

Tommy Rosa – Co-author of Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth.  Tommy shares his near-death experience and the revelations God gave him about how to protect your health here on earth

Carol Alt – Supermodel who went from sick to raw foodist

Joe Cross – Filmmaker and star of award-winning documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Dr. Tracie Leonhardt – Dr. Leonhardt shares her expertise on hormones, thyroid, autoimmune disease, and more

Forward written by Doug Kaufmann – TV Host of Know the Cause

Eat Pray Get Well can also be purchased on AMAZON as well as right here on this page.

Book Details


ISBN: 978-0-578-89841-4

Publisher:  Porter Publishing

Publication Date:  July 2021

Pages:  304

Dimensions: 7.1875(w) x 9.25(h) x .75(d)


Are sick and running from doctor to doctor in search of the “cause” of your mystery illness . . 

Do you feel stuck from past hurts and in search of emotional freedom . . .

If you are a junk food junkie or have an unhealthy relationship with food . . .

If you simply need a great recipe book to help you face ingredient challenges . . .

Eat Pray GET WELL is an eye opener to what can be the cause of so many of today’s chronic health issues.

If you’ve read My Story on this blog, you know I’ve spent decades in all of those dark places. Looking back, I estimate I’ve taken over 100 courses of antibiotics and have seen over 60 doctors and specialists, not to mention many unnecessary surgeries. Along with that struggle I fought to overcome a difficult childhood and discovered a relationship with God in the process.

This is not your grandmother’s cookbook. In Eat Pray GET WELL, I invite you into my journey from a childhood filled with rejection and emotional abuse to chronic illness into her adult years. I share how God used both of these debilitating tragedies to reveal His grace, healing, and blessings in unimaginable ways. Eat Pray GET WELL is entertaining, inspiring, and most of all will help you gain the tools needed to help heal your body and soul.

Eat Pray GET WELL serves as an example of how God is not only interested in our soul, but also our mind, body and emotions. He does not want us to stay broken. He wants to bring us to a place of wholeness.

I pray this book will bring you hope and give you the tools you need to set you on your own personal journey to healing.

Great Gift Idea for friends and family struggling to eliminate common ingredients like wheat, gluten, and corn! All recipes are Kaufmann diet approved. The Kaufmann diet is an anti-fungal, anti-candida diet. To learn more click here.

~ Erin Porter