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Mold Die-Off Symptoms (And What You Can Do to Cope)

Written by Erin Porter

If you haven’t experienced mold die-off symptoms you are truly blessed.  They can be cruel, scary and unrelenting.  If you know or suspect you may be experiencing these bizarre symptoms due to mold, you may just be right.  Even the CDC has been telling us for years now to “think fungus” if health issues are not responding to conventional medicine.  If you don’t know my story, I had decades of ailments brought on by mold exposure.  Unfortunately, it took me that long to figure out my know my cause so I could begin to recover from mold exposure.  You my friend are in a better place than I was and you can begin to act “as if” it’s mold until proven otherwise.  Doug Kaufmann – host of television’s Know the Cause. coined the phrase FUPO, fungus until proven otherwise.

Mold die-off symptoms, also known as Herxheimer reaction, are caused when mold and mycotoxins are killed off and eliminated in the body.  When mold dies off, it releases poisons (mycotoxins) into the bloodstream.  Mold die-off symptoms will vary from person to person.

Read on and I’ll not only list mold die-symptoms but also what can help relieve them as well as tips on how to make sure your body is ready to eliminate mold toxins.

My Mold Illness Experience

Below I discuss my mold illness on televisions Know the Cause with Doug Kaufmann.

Mold Die-Off Symptoms

The below symptoms would be the same for candida die-off symptoms.  Whenever you detox from mold you may experience these symptoms.

  • Fatigue
  • Heart Arrhythmias
  • Reflux
  • Joint Pain
  • Headache
  • Skin Rashes
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Digestive Problems
  • Brain Fog
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sinus Infections

Preparing Your Body for a Mold Detox

Making sure elimination pathways are open is crucial, otherwise poisons circulate in the bloodstream with no way to exit, making you feel worse.  Elimination occurs through our bowels, skin, and kidneys.  Some people (like myself) also have the MTHFR gene mutation which makes it harder for my body to detox, which means I should never do a mold detox without help from supplements such as l-glutathione and a special B Complex to push methylation along.  If you are unsure whether you have this same gene mutation, ask your physician as it’s a simple blood test.

Even if you don’t have factors compromising your detox ability, the body can become so overwhelmed by the mold toxins, it simply cannot keep up with elimination.  Not to mention other types of toxins that bombard our bodies each day such as pesticides and petrochemicals.  Your immune system may also be overburdened trying to deal with mold co-infections such as Epstein barr virus, autoimmune disease, and lyme disease to name a few.

In short, while doing a mold detox, make sure you are drinking plenty of water, your bowels are moving, you are supplementing with gluthathione (if your doctor says it’s a fit for you) and sweating out the toxins as best you can.  Now let’s move on to the next important steps.  Binders!

Binders for Mold Detox

Once you start to kill off the fungi and candida, binders are great for binding those toxins and carrying them out of the body before they can be reabsorbed.  In patients that are severely harmed by mold, physicians may sometimes opt for a prescription medication to help with mold detoxing.

  • L-Glutathione: Glutathione is a crucial antioxidant and plays a very important role in our detoxification process and for healthy immune function.  Glutathione helps neutralize free radicals, helps with inflammation, and provides protection against cellular damage.
  • BioActive Binder: This particular binder was created by a physician who specializes in mold toxicity.  It’s all natural and supports clearance of mycotoxins as well as heavy metals.  The ingredients have a broad-spectrum binding capacity as well as help carry the toxins through to elimination, helping to lessen mold die-off symptoms.
  • MicroChitosan:  I have taken this on and off for years when I had nasal polyps as they are known to shrink or eliminate them, but it’s great for so much more!  In a small trial for people being treated for Borrelia (Lyme disease), microchitosan helped with die-off symptoms.  Some other interesting things it does is promotes healthy gut flora, and as mentioned my doctor uses it to help dissolve fungal polyps in liue of surgical intervention.  Since it’s created from the exoskeletons of crustaceans, those with seafood allergies may not be able to use it.
  • MycoDetox Liver Support:  This liver support is a wonderful blend of milk thistle seed extract, artichoke leaf extract, turmeric root extract, methionine, choline, inositol, garlic, and dandelion root.  Remember the liver is the main detoxification organ so it needs support whenever we choose to detox our body.

How To Detox from Mold

I have written articles titled Can you Recover from Mold and How to Recover from Mold Exposure.  I hope you will find them helpful.  It’s so important to find a doctor that understands mold exposure and how to treat it.  If you have co-infections such as Lyme disease it is even that much more important.

What About Candida Die-off Symptoms

Although the symptoms may be the same as mold die-off symptoms (fatigue, headache, joint pain, etc) because in both cases you are actively trying to kill off microorganisms that release mycotoxins, they still are in fact different organisms.  Candida naturally occurs in all of our bodies, but it’s when they outnumber the good bacteria in our gut that is when they become a problem.  See my article titled Foods to Fight Candida.

This photo below makes me feel good.  For most of my life, I suffered the effects of toxic mold.  Because it took me (and my doctors) almost twenty years to figure out my health issues were from mold, there were wasting decades of being sick and not knowing how to detoxify my body or that I even needed to.  Below I was feeling wonderful and it was as if God had brought me out of the pit of chronic fatigue and I could concentrate on the beauty around me instead of the axiety inside of me.

I am wishing you all the best in your quest to restore your body back to vibrant health.

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This post contains affiliate links.  I can be an affiliate for just about any supplement, so it does not impact my recommendations.  If a friend asked me for help, these would be my recommendations.

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Erin Porter
Erin Porter
I have been fortunate to be featured on national Television including PBS American Health Journal, Know the Cause, CTN, ABC, NBC, CBS and more. I was sick for decades, endured many surgeries, took over 100 courses of antibiotics, and then I changed everything and everything changed.

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I have been fortunate to be featured on national Television including PBS American Health Journal, Know the Cause, CTN, ABC, NBC, CBS and more. I was sick for decades, endured many surgeries, took over 100 courses of antibiotics, and then I changed everything and everything changed. My book Eat Pray Get Well is about overcoming a tumultuous childhood, decades of chronic illness, and finding God in the process. Includes exclusive interviews with renowned Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Supermodel Carol Alt, Doug Kaufmann, and many more. Plus 55 gluten free recipes woven throughout. 

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