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Starving Yeast & Mold Out of Your Body (Your Complete Guide)

Written by Erin Porter

You might be thinking, “Starving yeast & mold out of your body?” “Why would I need to do that?”  Do you have fibromyalgia, chronic sinus infections, arthritis, acid reflux, lyme disease, or virtually any chronic issue conventional medicine hasn’t resolved?  Even the CDC has cautioned both doctors and patients to “think fungus” when symptoms do not get better with treatment.

Eliminating foods high in mold such as sugar and high-carbohydrate foods will starve yeast and mold out of your body, as this is their primary source of fuel.  In addition, there are foods I will mention in this post, such as garlic and broccoli, that can also help kill the mold and yeast as you are starving them.

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Read on and I will explain how to starve the mold out of your body as well as provide a chart of which foods kill and FEED the mold and yeast.  Here you can find a complete guide to the Kaufmann diet which is an antifungal diet.

Why Starve Mold Out Of Your Body?

Fungi are known human parasites which, if left unchecked, can cause utter havoc in our bodies. They can enter our body through the air we breathe and/or high mold foods such as peanuts, corn, and wheat. Fungus creates poisons called mycotoxins.  Many of these mycotoxins are Group 1 carcinogens.  Group 1 means there is evidence that it causes cancer, unlike Group 2 which means suspected of causing cancer.  Now you may be starting to see the connection between mold and cancer.  In fact, not only cancer, but fungal infections have links to diabetes, chronic sinusitis, fibromyalgia and so much more. 

In my case I had chronic sinus infections that lasted decades.  The mold I was breathing in was called Aspergillus and the mycotoxin it creates is Aflatoxin.  One of the most cancer causing substances known to man.  This brings us back to the question of why starve the mold?  We do so in order to rid ourselves of any fungal infections that are creating dangerous mycotoxins within our bodies.  If you eat the Standard American Diet, drinks generous amounts of alcohol, have been on birth control pills, or work and live in a moldy environment chances are you have a problem with candida and fungus.  As you successfully starve the mold, you can also simultaneously kill it with natural antifungals such as oil of oregano, caprylic acid, garlic, etc.  There are also prescription antifungals such as Nystatin which destroys the mold in the gut.

Foods that Kill Mold in the Body

While it’s not necessarily food itself that kills mold in the body, eating certain foods such as antioxidant rich foods can help boost your immune system., while other types of food that are low in sugar and carbohydrates can help to starve the mold in your body.  Probiotic rich foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi help to regain balance because of the beneficial bacteria they contain.  It should also be noted that there are also foods that can cause yeast and mold to overgrow in the body.

Below is a chart listing foods that may be high in mold (which feeds mold in the body) and which foods starve mold in the body.  You may also want to check out my article on mold die-off symptoms.

Feeds MoldStarves Mold
PeanutsCoconut Oil
Fruits High in SugarLime
White FlourCinnamon
Processed FoodsClove
High Mold CheesesCabbage

What Diseases Can Yeast and Mold Cause?

Below is my television interview on Know The Cause.  We discuss how one becomes exposed to mold, the diseases it mimics, and the symptoms of mold exposure.  The Host of the show Doug Kaufmann, studied mycology (study of fungus) for over 41 years and he has learned that every organ and tissue in our bodies can be devastatingly effected by mold.  Learning how to get mold out of your system is crucial to recovering.

How Long Do Mold Mycotoxins Stay in Your Body?

Mycotoxins can stay in the body from six months to years.  There are many factors that go into how quickly one can detox mycotoxins out of the body.  For example, about 25% of the population has the MTHFR gene mutation.  If you have this gene mutation like I do, toxins can build up because the body’s natural detoxification  process is impaired.  Therefore, we will need to provide our bodies the help it needs to facilitate proper detoxification.  If you have tested positive for the MTHFR gene supplements such as glutathione and a special form of B complex such as Homocysteine Complete.  This formula combines vitamins B2 (riboflavin), B6 and B12, plus folate as L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate )L-5-MTHF.)

I wrote an in depth article titled How Long Does it Take to Get Mold Out of Your System if you missed it.

Starving and Killing Mold In Your Gut

Mold and candida in the gut are very damaging, especially when it leads to leaky gut.  There is a protocol to heal and seal the gut.  Part of this protocol may mean talking with your physician to see if a prescription such as Nystatin is needed.  Nystatin kills yeast and mold in the gut.  Colostrum ld is the “heal and seal” part of recovery from leaky gut.  When the tight junctions in the gastro lining become damaged, holes can form, which then allow substances (such as food) to leave the G.I. tract and float into the bloodstream. Food allergies and acid reflux are often signs of yeast (mold) overgrowth in the gut.

Destroying Mold in the Air you Breathe

I created a simple video on how to check your home for mold.  These petri dishes I used below are inexpensive and a great guide while testing and repairing your home.  When we moved into our new home, I tap tested my son’s carpet.  The first photo below shows just how contaminated his rug was.  The rule of thumb is there should be no more than 2-4 dots on your dish.  If you are highly sensitive to mold, then you would not want to see more than 2 dots.

We retested his room 15 days after ripping up his carpet and putting down wood floors.  The air in his room is now close to perfect.  For safe botanical products that treat the air your home, your clothes, and your body, there are no better products than those by Microbalance in my opinon.


Stay tuned – I will be doing a live Q&A next month with Doug Kaufmann.  Join us and ask all your questions!

Disclosure – I am not a physician and cannot give medical advise.  Please speak to your doctor before starting any diet or supplement plan.  This post contains affiliate links.

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Erin Porter
Erin Porter
I have been fortunate to be featured on national Television including PBS American Health Journal, Know the Cause, CTN, ABC, NBC, CBS and more. I was sick for decades, endured many surgeries, took over 100 courses of antibiotics, and then I changed everything and everything changed.

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I have been fortunate to be featured on national Television including PBS American Health Journal, Know the Cause, CTN, ABC, NBC, CBS and more. I was sick for decades, endured many surgeries, took over 100 courses of antibiotics, and then I changed everything and everything changed. My book Eat Pray Get Well is about overcoming a tumultuous childhood, decades of chronic illness, and finding God in the process. Includes exclusive interviews with renowned Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Supermodel Carol Alt, Doug Kaufmann, and many more. Plus 55 gluten free recipes woven throughout. 

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