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Operation Destroy Sinus Infection is Over!

Written by Erin Porter

Operation Destroy Sinus Infection is over!  What I learned (and some things I already knew).

  1. If you have read my story you know my four past sinus surgeries were a HUGE waste of time and money, not to mention they were tough physically and mentally.  And really, I ended up worse each time and they also brought on additional problems.  If I could go back in time, I would have never gone down the road of surgery!  Unfortunately though, I wasn’t armed with the information back then that I have now.
  2. The over 100 courses of antibiotics I took only made my sinus infection worse.  I found out many years later why.  Each time I took antibiotics it only fueled the candida/fungal component of my infection.  We now know that the Mayo Clinic states that 94% of all sinuses infections are fungal in nature.  And yes, bacteria is usually there too which complicates the heck out of all!  The antibiotics will kill the bacteria while feeding the fungus making it grow, then in turn the bacteria comes right back because of the perfectly unbalanced condition in the sinuses.  Now you can see the maddening hamster wheel of surgery and antibiotics that happens here if you are unaware of the fungal component.  It’s an exhausting cycle.  The crazy part is almost no doctor will discuss this with you.  I’m not sure why since this Mayo Clinic breaking news came out in 1999!  But that is the reason so many people do not get better after many sinus surgeries and after being on every antibiotic under the sun.  By the way, in the meantime, all of the antibiotics you are taking to clear a sinus infection is robbing your gut of all the good bacteria setting you up for future auto immune diseases.
  3. I have been eating clean for about eight years now. But for this 30 day challenge I really ate clean and even eliminated dairy for that period of time, something I never tried before.  I learned that eating very clean for a period of time combined with fantastic supplements like colostrum, collagen, probiotics, anti-fungals both over the counter (oil of oregano) and prescription (nystatin), salt rooms, infrared saunas, and irrigation make all the difference in the world (wow that sounds like a lot of work as I type this, and it WAS) but yes, it knocked out my infection.  And the hard work was worth it because I am never going back to the old way of doing things that didn’t work.  Plus I remember clearly what conventional medicine did to my body and I’m never going back. By the way, you may not have problems with your sinuses, but eating an anti- candida type of diet (paleo, keto, Kaufmann diet) helped me get over SO many ailments!  Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, reflux issues, and much more.  If any of you use Instagram there are whole communities of people who have radically changed their diet and in turn regained their heath.  It’s very inspiring!
  4. When I stray too far from eating clean, for example a few days in a row, the infection always wants to try to rear it’s ugly head, even when utilizing everything in #3.  So I still eat whatever I want sometimes, but then I try to get right back on track.
  5. I waited a little over 30 days to post this because I cheated within that 30 days and it set me back a bit so I had to get back on track.  I’m infection free with NO antibiotics, and no surgery.  In the past my sinus infections were so severe and difficult to treat (even with meds) that I never would have been able to heal without intervention.
  6. Conclusion – healing your body naturally is freaking hard work, but so worth it!  For me, and probably a lot of other people, this has to be a lifestyle in order to stay healthy. But it’s also just as important to find that balance where you can let lose and enjoy junk food once in a while and not get sick.  What did “eating clean” look like in those 30 days?  It was everything allowed on the typical candida, paleo, and Kaufmann phase 1 diet.  Lot’s of vegetables, low sugar fruits like berries and grapefruit, nuts, seeds, grass fed beef, wild caught fish, organic chicken, salads, and a whole lot of bone broth!
  7. I’ll also be doing a post soon about colostrum because I think this played a HUGE role in recovering fast.  I don’t get excited about many supplements, but this one I love and will continue taking!

Have any of you had any sinus surgeries you wish you hadn’t?  I asked this same question on instagram, and it turns out almost everyone who has had one feels this way. Best to all of you in your quest to be the healthiest you can be!

Disclaimer – I am not a doctor, I can not recommend any supplement or treatment plan, I can only share what works for me.  Also, I was not compensated in any way for this post.  My opinions are all my own. Check with your doctor before starting any new diet or supplement. I was not compensated for this post, but there are affiliate links in which I get a percentage on sales.  Opinions are all my own, and I would never recommend any supplement or brand I didn’t personally love and benefit from.



Erin Porter
Erin Porter
I have been fortunate to be featured on national Television including PBS American Health Journal, Know the Cause, CTN, ABC, NBC, CBS and more. I was sick for decades, endured many surgeries, took over 100 courses of antibiotics, and then I changed everything and everything changed.

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I have been fortunate to be featured on national Television including PBS American Health Journal, Know the Cause, CTN, ABC, NBC, CBS and more. I was sick for decades, endured many surgeries, took over 100 courses of antibiotics, and then I changed everything and everything changed. My book Eat Pray Get Well is about overcoming a tumultuous childhood, decades of chronic illness, and finding God in the process. Includes exclusive interviews with renowned Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Supermodel Carol Alt, Doug Kaufmann, and many more. Plus 55 gluten free recipes woven throughout. 

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