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How to Remove Mold in Your Car {Video}

Written by Erin Porter

If you are wondering how to test your car for mold and possibly how to remove mold from car interior, you have come to the right place!  It may be tempting to think mold inside your car doesn’t pose much of a threat, but it can be more of a problem than you think.  Not only is bad for your car, but it is also bad for your health.  In this article, I include my television interview on PBS detailing how mold affected my health.

Recently, a friend of ours, who is an expert mold investigator, came to check the mold levels in our home after we experienced a water leak.  Because I have a history of mold sickness, I am vigilant about making sure our home is safe. Once he completely checked our home, it didn’t surprise me that he was just as interested in my new Bronco.  I felt pretty confidence there would be no mold issues considering how new it was.  Unfortunately, within minutes, he reacted to the mold in my new bronco.  So how did I remove the mold from my car?  It wasn’t as hard as you think and I have laid out the steps below and included a video as well.  I also wrote an article about how to get mold out of clothes, as if there is mold in your car there’s quite possibly mold on your clothes.

Steps to Removing Mold From your Car Interior

Removing mold from your car is not difficult when you use the correct steps which I outline for you below.  Getting mold out of your car is important for the health of your car and for your own personal health.

  • Wear a Mask: Consider wearing a mask, especially if you are sensitive to mold, allergic to mold spores and/or have a history of toxic mold exposure.
  • Remove: clothes, toys, floor-mats, and any other items from the car.  Wash clothes in a natural anti mold laundry additive.  You want to be careful not to cross contaminate the mold spores from your car into your home.
  • Vacuum your cars interior: Also, vacuum the floor-mats.
  • Spray car: Use a natural mold fogger solution that is not riddled with chemicals.  I use EC3 Mold spray both in my home and car.  It’s a perfect band-aid situation until you can remedy the problem.  This EC3 mold spray is safe for all materials and designed to treat mold and mycotoxins on all of your hard and soft surfaces including, floors, walls, furnishings, clothes, shoes, car interiors, and your pets as well.

bottle of mold spray

  • Scrub car mats as well as the interior wherever you see the presence of mold
  • Let dry.
  • Use an enzyme based cleaner:  CarKlear (no affiliate) is very effective at removing mold stains and will also kill the mold smell in a car.  You can use a fogger or just spray it.

Video – How to Remove Mold in Your Car Interior

Why Is Mold Growing Inside My Car?

Mold can grow inside your car for several reasons. Mold needs moisture and so when our car gets caught in the rain with windows down, or we transport wet items this can cause the perfect breeding ground for mold.  If you live in a very humid climate like I do, the moisture in the air can also cause mold growth.

Steps to Prevent Mold From Returning

  • Keep your car well ventilated.  Poor ventilation can cause moisture to get trapped creating the perfect environment for mold to grow.  Open the windows often.
  • Keep your car free of damp items such as swimsuits and damp pool towels.
  • As a preventative measure, spray your car every couple of weeks with a non chemical EC3 mold spray.
  • Fix any and all leaks.
  • Use a mold fogger periodically.  As mentioned above the EC3 mold solution is perfect for putting in the mold fogger.  It is natural and safe for both people and pets.

mold spray next to a fogger

Is Mold in a Car Harmful?

Mold whether it is in your home, office, or car can be harmful to human health.  The type and amount of mold present is a factor, but those with mold sensitivities can have serious health issues with even small amounts of exposure.

Mold produce poisons called mycotoxins which can cause damage to virtually any part of the body.  This damage can severe even resulting in death depending on which mold and mycotoxin. Knowing that mycotoxins pose this sort of a health threat we should seek to avoid mold wherever we can.  To learn more about mold sickness and the diseases mold can cause, you can read my article titled Can You Recover from Mold.  I will detail how we become exposed to mold and what to do about it to regain health.

Television: How Mold Destroyed My Health for Decades

Below is my interview on PBS American Health Journal.  We discuss the many health issues mold can cause and mimic!

When Should You Call a Professional for Car Mold?

If the mold persists after all of the steps above, including using a mold fogger, it may be time to call a mold remediation expert for help.  This is important if  you notice you seem to have symptoms after spending some time in the vehicle.  Watch for a moldy smell that remains even after several cleanings or if you continue to see visible mold stains.

Now that you know how to remove mold in your car, read my article on How to Get Mold Out of Your Clothes.  Getting mold out of clothes is not as difficult as you may think.

If you believe you may have mold illness check out the second edition of my book.  Eat Pray Get Well – A Journey from Chronic Illness & Brokenness to Wholeness & Healing.  Foreword written by Doug Kaufmann – Host of televisions Know the Cause.

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Erin Porter
Erin Porter
I have been fortunate to be featured on national Television including PBS American Health Journal, Know the Cause, CTN, ABC, NBC, CBS and more. I was sick for decades, endured many surgeries, took over 100 courses of antibiotics, and then I changed everything and everything changed.

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I have been fortunate to be featured on national Television including PBS American Health Journal, Know the Cause, CTN, ABC, NBC, CBS and more. I was sick for decades, endured many surgeries, took over 100 courses of antibiotics, and then I changed everything and everything changed. My book Eat Pray Get Well is about overcoming a tumultuous childhood, decades of chronic illness, and finding God in the process. Includes exclusive interviews with renowned Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Supermodel Carol Alt, Doug Kaufmann, and many more. Plus 55 gluten free recipes woven throughout. 

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