How to Make the Best Tasting Green Juice for Beginners

How to make the best tasting green juice for beginners.  Back in my horrendously unhealthy eating days, the thought of juicing seemed laborious.  I had no clue about what combinations of fruits and vegetables went well together.  I ever remember making a smoothie with broccoli.  It was disgusting and it was a long time before I juiced again.  It got me thinking, I couldn’t have been the only one that needs help with easy and great tasting beginner juice recipes.

Below I also share my interview with Joe Cross (aka Joe the Juicer).  He did after-all inspire me to start juicing when my body was just not recovering from a long list of chronic conditions.  Joe explains how juicing changed his life and how it put his autoimmune disease into remission.  If you haven’t watched his movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead it really is a must see.  It’s a fascinating peak into how powerful the right foods (especially greens) can impact disease.

All you will need to make the best tasting green juice is green apples, cucumber, spinach, ginger, and a juicer! 

My Interview with Joe Cross (AKA Joe the Juicer)


Ingredients for Green Juice for Beginners

  • 2 green apples
  • 2 handfuls of spinach
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 1/4 thick piece of raw ginger


Wash fruit and vegetables and then put them through the juicer.  Joe turned me on to the Nama Juicer and I really do love it.  Use EATPRAY at checkout to get 20% off the Nama Juicer for a limited time.


Nama Juicer with a glass of green juice

What Makes This Green Juice for “Beginners?”

This beginner green juice recipe is mild and sweet making it a great introductory juice.  Many people give up in the beginning when they start juicing because they can’t tolerate the taste of their juice.  Adding green apples to any juice in the beginning really helps with the flavor.  Green apples are also a good choice because they are lower in sugar than red apples.

If you are just starting out and used to eating doughnuts for breakfast like I was, it won’t be an easy transition.  When we change our habits, the old ones do eventually fall to the waist side.  It might be hard to believe now but one day you won’t even miss those doughnuts.  You will miss the days you are unable to juice!

Nutrition in Green Juice

Spinach is high in zinc, niacin, protein and fiber, as well as vitamins A, C, E, K, and B6. The folate in spinach is good for your heart and for brain function.

Cucumbers contain fisetin which is like natures anti-inflammatory and also plays a role in brain function. Cucumbers also contain anti-carcinogenic (anti-cancer) properties and as well as support digestive health.

Green apples aid in digestion and are a great source of energy as they contain carbohydrates. They are rich in vitamin C which is an antioxidant (and antioxidants help eradicate free radicals which cause damage to cells).

Something to ponder as you are drinking your green liquid therapy:

Doughnuts, a breakfast favorite for Americans, is also one of the worst 5 foods you can eat according to Dr. Mercola.  They raise your blood sugar, are high in calories, high in trans fats (which lead to heart disease) and are loaded with sugar. And we know sugar of course leads to fungal overgrowth, which if you follow Eat, Pray, Get Well, you are already aware of the link between fungus and cancer.

My second edition book Eat Pray Get Well – A Journey from Chronic Illness & Brokenness to Wholeness & Healing is now on sale through my website and Amazon.  Includes exclusive interviews with Joe Cross of Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, renowned cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Doug Kaufmann – Host of televisions Know the Cause, and so much more.

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How to Make the Best Tasting Green Juice for Beginners
Recipe type: Drinks
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
  • 2 green apples
  • 2 handfuls of spinach
  • ½ cucumber
  • ¼ piece of raw ginger
  1. Wash fruits and vegetables and juice!
This would be considered phase 1 diet if you are following the Kaufmann diet. AKA Kaufmann 1. For more information on this diet check out Doug Kaufmann Know the Cause.

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