Homemade Fruit Rollups

It’s a new year and I wonder what changes all of you are implementing?  For me that will involve eating a lot more raw foods such as these homemade fruit rollups.  Recently I became very inspired by an interview I did with supermodel Carol Alt. I chose Carol as one of the several interviews for my next book because I found it fascinating how she dug her way out of a world of chronic illness.  She chose a radical change in lifestyle and it changed her life.  After reading one of Carol’s books or hearing her speak (for example at the Truth about Cancer conference) I guarantee you will never look at food in the same way again.

When Carol earned her supermodel title she looked like the healthiest woman on the planet but she was anything but. In an attempt to control her constant sinus infections, allergies, heartburn and general feeling of unwellness, Carol lived on antacids, decongestants, sinus medications and coffee.  Carol shared how she finally asked God to give her answers and help her out of her misery….

Her journey to get well took her from eating her favorite standard American foods like pasta to a mostly raw diet. She has inspired me so much that I went out and bought a dehydrator (a dehydrator enables you to cook food at a low temperature so all of the enzymes remain intact which leaves the food technically raw) as well as a high powered blender. I already had my juicer so now I am now ready to eat a lot more raw meals and snacks and I look forward to sharing them with you this year.  This fruit roll up recipe could not be any easier.  Blend, pour, and dehydrate and you have healthy, sweet, on the go snacks for days.

Homemade Fruit Rollups
Cuisine: snacks
  • Any Fruit of your choice
  • You can add a little lemon juice and monk fruit or xylitol if you wish. You can even add chia seeds for an extra nutritional boost. All the extras are not needed though, you can simple use fruit.
  1. Blend fruit into a puree using a blender. Pour on dehydrator sheet. Set dehydrator to 118 degrees for approximately 10 hours. Time will vary depending on the type of dehydrator you have. You will know they are done when they look completely dry and you are able to pull the fruit right off the sheet. Roll and store in air tight container.



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