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Creamy Lentil Chorizo Sausage Soup & Homemade Flatbread

This creamy lentil and chorizo sausage soup is so hearty and satisfying on a chilly day.  I’d say “cold” day but here in Florida we still have not moved beyond chilly (and I’m not complaining)!  Also, If spicy is not your thing, you can always substitute a milder sausage.  This soup pairs well with a side of homemade flatbread, which we […]

Pasta with feta, olives, garlic, tomato, and capers

Gluten free pasta dinner recipe (Kaufmann 2 diet friendly) Pasta on this diet?  Well sort of.  This pasta is made 100% out of red lentils!  When I first contemplated what I would have to give up to get well, I admit I panicked a little when it came to pasta.  It’s one of my MANY “can’t live without” […]

Guiltless Reuben Sandwich

Today was just one of those perfect days! My husband and I were both off today so once the kids were off to school we had the whole day ahead of us! But first and foremost on my mind was tearing into my order of breads, tortillas, and pizza crusts I received from Guiltless Foods! […]

Bacon Avocado Egg Salad and School Lunches from Around the World

Do you think any schools in this country serve a bacon avocado egg salad like this for lunch? I found the picture below on social media and found it both eye opening and fascinating.  Pictured below are school lunches from around the world in comparison to a typical American school lunch. Why do we feed […]

Creamy Turkey Soup

Not sure what to do with your Thanksgiving day leftovers?  I wasn’t sure either until this morning.  My husband and I whipped up this creamy turkey soup in about 45 minutes! It was so easy and so incredibly delicious.   I knew I wanted to use coconut milk in this recipe and not heavy cream or half and half […]

Guiltless Barbeque Pulled Pork Sandwich…& Sugar Addiction!

What I love most about running my blog (besides helping others) is that it helps keep me accountable.  Although eating this way has become a lifestyle and my passion, it doesn’t mean I don’t ever get tempted by my former pleasures.  I’d even go as far as to call them former addictions.  People laugh when I tell them […]

Blackened Fish Tacos… and A Love Story

Today Bob and I are celebrating our ONE year wedding anniversary.  For those of you who don’t know the story.  Bob was married to my good friend Laura.   My family and Laura’s family grew up together in Bronx, NY and we all considered ourselves family.  I eventually moved to Florida as did Laura soon after. […]

How To Make Easy Gluten Free Margarita Pizza

When I first found out I was allergic to wheat and yeast I thought I’d never be able to enjoy margarita pizza again.  Every time I did cheat and eat wheat or yeast my sinuses would close and I would get an infection.  After four sinus surgeries you would think I would stop eating foods […]
bean and kale soup

Andouille Sausage and Bean Soup with Kale

They say fall is right around the corner, but here in Florida we wouldn’t know it as it was 92 degrees today! So this recipe is for everyone else in the country that is getting our their sweaters and boots (lucky)!  You can make this Andouille sausage and bean soup as spicy or as mild […]
cornfree nachos

Corn Free Nachos (Gluten Free)

I created this Corn Free Nachos recipe for my husband and I who used to love a cold beer and some nachos on a Friday night.  This was of course back when I ate all things “junk” and would then scratch my head in confusion as to why I was chronically ill.  Since starting the […]
Eat Pray Get Well Book

If you suffer from Chronic Fatigue, Sinus Infections, Fibromyalgia, Food Allergies, Auto Immune Disease, Acid Reflux, Candida, Depression – this book is for you.

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