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Grain Free No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake

It doesn’t get any easier than this no bake pumpkin cheesecake.  It takes under ten minutes to throw together, and is also gluten free, grain free, and low in sugar.   If you are looking for a fast, easy to make dessert for Thanksgiving this is it!  Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving! It doesn’t get any easier […]

Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

These Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars take some patience to make, but if you find yourself with time on your hands and love to bake they are so well worth it!  All of my recipes are 100% sugar free with the exception of this one.  I added one tablespoon of molasses in order to make the homemade […]

EPGW No Bake Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bites to Hit Store Shelves Next Week…

Our newest in the line of Eat, Pray, Get Well snacks and desserts is about to hit the store shelves next week.  They are called No Bake Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bites.  My new “bites” have only 2 grams of sugar and are packed with REAL wholesome, actual food!  A decade ago when I was mostly […]

Another Back to School Smoothie….Almost Too Good To Be True Chocolate Smoothie

Remember Ovaltine?  The chocolatey drink our parents fed us in the morning before school because they thought it was so good for us?  We loved it and our parents did what they thought was best for us.  We have come along way since then, and people are starting to pay attention to ingredients and deciding […]

Back To School Almond Butter Smoothie

My son was a bit perturbed when he saw my “most wonderful time of the year sign” but I guess we can’t expect the kids to understand how excited we are when school starts.  I’ll leave it at that.  But wait… in my defense this smoothie shows how much I care about my kids even […]

Kid Friendly Strawberry Pina Colada Popsicles

Get ready for some healthy strawberry pina colada! Summer. Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights gets longer. Life gets better. Summer also means popsicles! Not the cheap store bought kind,  but actual popsicles that are made with nutritious real food!  I’m always fascinated (and confused) […]

How To Make Healthy Hot Chocolate That Is Sugar Dairy Gluten Free | Video

Are you still drinking the hot chocolate packets with dehydrated marshmallows?  I know, they are pretty darn good, but they are also full of ingredients you don’t want to be ingesting.   My son and I will show you how to make a healthy hot chocolate that is sugar, dairy, and gluten free.  It’s the perfect […]

Healthy Super Bowl Snacks…And Do You Live Your Life on the Sidelines?

I posted this last year, but a lot has changed since then.  Not only is it updated with additional amazing healthy snacks like guacamole, white queso dip, and spinach artichoke dip, but I’m hoping since some of you read this post last year, you are not only healthier, but are out there enjoying life!  And […]
healthy banana bread

Banana Bread…And Could Mold have Killed this Actress?

Before you read on to the recipe, just a quick note about bananas.  If you are fighting any kind of infection or disease you think may be caused by mold (fungus) eat bananas in moderation due to their sugar content.  Over at Know The Cause, Doug Kaufmann suggests while one the phase II diet, a banana here […]
sugar-free-chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries…And a second wedding anniversary

“Sometimes marriage is like having an annoying roommate, but mostly it’s like getting to have a sleep over every night with your very best friend” unknown Last year in my post “12 Things the First Year of Marriage Has Taught Me“, I wrote about how much we grew our first year as husband and wife, […]
Eat Pray Get Well Book

If you suffer from Chronic Fatigue, Sinus Infections, Fibromyalgia, Food Allergies, Auto Immune Disease, Acid Reflux, Candida, Depression – this book is for you.

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