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Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Kaufmann Diet Friendly)

My son and I headed to the beach for the day to relax and to make our favorite chocolate chunk cookies (Kaufmann diet Friendly of course!)  If you are not sure what the Kaufmann diet is, it’s a lower carb and low-sugar diet for the purpose of starving pathogens such as yeast and fungus which […]

To The Fatherless on Fathers Day + Sugar Free Blueberry Muffins

Happy Father’s day!  Many of you that know my past,  know I didn’t have the best example of a father growing up.  Today I wanted to share a story from my book about our difficult childhood.  Not to feel sorry for us, but to see how God can bring us OUT of hardship, replace lost […]

2 Ingredient “Reeses Cups”

A recipe for  2 Ingredient “Reeses Cups” which can be made in under 15 minutes!   Try this delicious healthier version of a Reeses Cup! You will be surprised!  

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies & Facebook Live With Doug Kaufmann

UPDATE:- If you missed my Facebook LIVE with Doug Kaufmann (from televisions “Know the Cause”) yesterday, you can still watch below. Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  Will you please join me for my first Facebook live this Friday (April 17th) at 11am EST (10am cental). Doug Kaufmann (host of tv’s […]
pumpkin bread

Making Pumpkin Bread on Television’s “Bloom” + Recipe

We had so much fun yesterday on the set of NBC’s “Bloom” making pumpkin bread and talking about what lead to my writing my book Eat Pray Get Well.  What is there to say except that God is amazing and He will take what was meant for our harm and turn it for good (Genesis […]

Brownies And Binging

The title sounds cute doesn’t it? “Brownies and Binging”.   That’s exactly how I viewed the binging I participated in for many years of my life, “cute”.  I could eat most grown men under the table and I wouldn’t gain a pound.  It became a joke at my places of employment that I would be the […]

Chocolate Muffins & My Interview on “Know The Cause”

Do you have acid reflux, or heart arrhythmias, maybe chronic infections or chronic anything?  Watch my interview on televisions “Know The Cause”  it will be an eye opener!  And a delicious Chocolate Muffin recipe for you!   Part 2 of  interview below starts at the 16:26 mark And now some sugar free grain free chocolate […]

Apple Nachos & Similarities Between Cancer And Fungus

Cancer and fungus have plenty in common.  Sugar causes both to thrive, and both can die without it. Both can metabolize nutrients without oxygen.  Both respond favorably to anti-fungal medications.  I would imagine researchers were surprised when cancer patients starting responding favorably to the anti-fungal Sporonox they were taking for toe nail fungus.  Here is […]

7 Minute Healthy Chocolate Bark & Know The Cause TV

Doesn’t this beautiful 7 minute healthy chocolate bark look like it would have taken at least an hour to make?  It took less than 7 minutes, and in less than 45 minutes we were eating it!  The best part is this recipe is sugar free (except for the strawberries) and dairy free. Below is one […]

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread & Fathers

Hi guys!  Fathers day is fast approaching and regardless of what type of father you had (loving, kind, tough, or maybe even absent) we are going to celebrate this week with a father’s day story and the best chocolate chip banana bread you ever had!  You may remember a post my sister and I wrote […]
Eat Pray Get Well Book

If you suffer from Chronic Fatigue, Sinus Infections, Fibromyalgia, Food Allergies, Auto Immune Disease, Acid Reflux, Candida, Depression – this book is for you.

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