Is the Kaufmann and Keto Diet Alcohol Friendly? (What You Need to Know)

Can I drink alcohol on the Kaufmann and keto diet has to be one of the most common questions I hear.  Read on and I will fill you in on important alcohol facts and whether alcohol fits into the Kaufmann/keto diet.  Also, my 2nd edition of Eat Pray Get Well has been released and the Foreword is written by Doug Kaufmann.  Host of Television’s Know The Cause.

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What Is The Kaufmann Diet?

The Kaufmann diet was founded by Doug Kaufmann, TV host of Know The Cause.  The Kaufmann is similar to keto.  Doug has researched mycology for more than forty years.  The goal of the Kaufmann diet is to starve pathogenic yeasts and fungi inside the body.  The Kaufmann diet also limits exposure to the poisons that fungi make, called mycotoxins.  Fungi, yeasts, and mycotoxins are responsible for many health issues.  So many health issues in fact, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has told us to “think fungus” when we have diseases that are not responding to conventional medicine.

For a full list of acceptable foods on the Kaufmann diet see my previous post.  Also, 99% of my recipes are Kaufmann friendly.

Can I Drink Alcohol On The Kaufmann Diet?

No, at least not at first and definitely not on a regular basis. I know for a lot of you that is not easy to hear. I enjoy having a drink every now and then but after researching, I concluded that in order to maintain good health, it has to be only on occasion. With that being said, it should be eliminated completely while you are on The Kaufmann Diet, and until your health issues have resolved.  If you are on the keto diet for the purposes of weight loss, I have listed keto friendly options in this article. 

I Thought Alcohol Is Good For The Heart?

Without going into too much detail about alcohol, we do know the topic can be quite confusing. We have all heard that drinking in moderation can be good for our heart, right?  The American Heart Association stated “No research has proved a cause-and-effect link between drinking alcohol and better heart health.”  Another study at McMaster University determined, “Moderate alcohol consumption may increase risk of atrial fibrillation in people with heart disease.” (Science Daily 1 October 2012).

Can Alcohol Cause Cancer?

In 2016, WebMD reports compelling evidence that drinking alcohol can cause at least seven types of cancer.  We also know alcohol contains mycotoxins (fungal poisons) and that alcohol is considered a Group 1 carcinogenic. Group 1 means it is a proven cause of cancer according to In light of this research, I personally think the risks outweigh any benefits. When I do indulge occasionally, I try to stick to potato vodka with fresh squeezed grapefruit.

Are Some Alcohol Cleaner Than Others?

There are many in the health industry that share the opinion that alcohol that is clear, distilled, and unsweetened is the best choice.  This is especially true if you have a history of candida. Think vodka, gin, and tequila which have zero carbs. Also make sure you hydrate with plenty of water as you drink. Dave Asprey, a biohacker best known for his Bulletproof Coffee, has some good advice on how to counteract some of alcohol’s negative effects. He says to make sure you take a vitamin C capsule before each drink, and take some activated charcoal after drinking. Dave also makes something called Glutathione Force, which he recommends taking if you are going to drink. It supports the liver and helps stop free radical chain reactions associated with a stressor like alcohol and protects against oxidative stress.

Alcohol And Mycotoxins

If you are still on the fence about alcohol, consider this statement from the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology, “Alcohol is the mycotoxin of the Saccharomyces yeast-brewers’ yeast. Alcohol producers often use grains that are too contaminated with fungi and mycotoxins to be used for table foods, so the risk is higher that you are consuming more than just alcohol in your beverage.”1

1Source: Council for Agricultural Science and Technology. Mycotoxins: Economic and Health
Risks, Task Force Report Number 116. CAST. Ames. IA. Nov 1989

Below I share my story of chronic illness and beginning the Kaufmann diet on televisions Know The Cause.

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